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MCAE Qualifying Leads Guide

Do you know the difference between defining and qualifying your leads?



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What's inside?

What about the difference between a marketing-qualified lead and a sales-qualified lead? When it comes to taking your marketing and sales efforts up a notch, it’s vital to understand different types of leads, how to define and qualify them, and why it matters!


Our ‘How to Qualify Leads’ eBook explains exactly that. Better understand your clients, ensure prospects are likely to become paying customers, and get your marketing and sales teams on the same page.


Here’s a look at what’s included in the eBook:

  • Defining leads
    • Why define leads?
    • Types of leads
      • Marketing-qualified
      • Sales-qualified
    • How to define leads internally
  • How to use MCAE to automate lead qualification
    • Grading and scoring
    • Lead gen forms
    • Progressive profiling
  • What next?

Download the eBook and jump right in to start conducting more effective lead generation, acquisition, and nurture for your business!

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MarCloud Consulting was set up to address the resource shortage and knowledge gap around Account Engagement (Pardot) marketing automation.

Our mission is to make entire industries more competitive through the effective use of Account Engagement, and in doing so we’ll be streamlining your marketing processes, optimising lead conversion and subsequently increasing ROI on your campaigns.

Let MarCloud be the co-pilot on your journey to Salesforce Account Engagement success.