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How to Measure ROI in Account Engagement

Proving ROI is the holy grail for marketers.



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What's inside?

In our ‘Champion’s Guide to Measuring ROI in Pardot’ eBook, you’ll find a detailed checklist with all the steps you need to take to fully track and report on marketing attribution and return.

If you can make it through the guide with every single checkbox ticked, you can consider yourself a true expert - we’ve yet to review a client’s account and find all of the proper implementation and best practices in place!

With dedicated sections for ‘Implementation’, ‘Campaigns’, ‘Reporting’, and ‘Training’, the eBook covers the likes of:

  • Technical setup and integration.
  • Reliable data
  • Lead qualification
  • Organising assets
  • Connected Campaigns
  • Lead source & UTM tracking
  • Custom redirects
  • Salesforce campaigns
  • Lifecycle Report
  • Customisable campaign influence
  • B2B Marketing Analytics

… and plenty more! 

Download the eBook and become an ROI champion in no time.


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About MarCloud Consulting

MarCloud Consulting was set up to address the resource shortage and knowledge gap around Account Engagement (Pardot) marketing automation.

Our mission is to make entire industries more competitive through the effective use of Account Engagement, and in doing so we’ll be streamlining your marketing processes, optimising lead conversion and subsequently increasing ROI on your campaigns.

Let MarCloud be the co-pilot on your journey to Salesforce Account Engagement success.