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Creating Customer Journeys in Marketing Cloud

Just 29% of enterprise companies rate themselves as effective or very effective at creating a cohesive customer journey - Salesforce



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What's inside?

From mapping your typical customer journey, to understanding which Marketing Cloud Engagement products are right for your business, this handbook is a fast guide.

Inside, you’ll find tips for the right approach and processes to follow to ensure the activity you run is omnichannel and delivers a positive customer experience (CX). We touch on the importance of integration and tracking, how to leverage data, and automating journeys with excellent tailored content.

The full contents include: 

  • Customer journey vs. customer experience 
  • Taking the customer’s perspective
  • Journey mapping
  • Challenging assumptions
  • Marketing Cloud & the single customer view
  • Integration and tracking
  • Omnichannel experiences
  • Aligning with the customer journey
  • Channel selection
  • Leveraging data
  • Automating journeys
  • Creating content
  • Journey analytics
  • Einstein for Marketing Cloud

… and plenty more! 

Download the handbook and get started with strategic automated marketing that connects with the customer at each stage of their purchase journey.

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MarCloud Consulting was set up to address the resource shortage and knowledge gap around Account Engagement (Pardot) marketing automation.

Our mission is to make entire industries more competitive through the effective use of Account Engagement, and in doing so we’ll be streamlining your marketing processes, optimising lead conversion and subsequently increasing ROI on your campaigns.

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