AMPscript Code Snippets for Marketing Cloud

The ultimate time-saver, these tried-and-tested AMPscript code snippets for Marketing Cloud solve common email and landing page challenges.



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What's inside?

Working with dozens of Marketing Cloud accounts on the regular means we’ve noted the same requirements for AMPscript come up time and again. 

Whether it’s customising an email for a recipient in a way that the standard drag-and-drop builder doesn’t allow, or pre-filling a landing page form based on the UTM parameters, there are many use cases for AMPscript, but coding them from scratch takes time and resource.

Enter, the AMPScript Code Snippet for Marketing Cloud Cheatsheet!

Our genius MarCloud developers have combined the most commonly requested AMPscript code snippets into one document. Simply download, and copy and paste into your own account for fast solutions like:

  • Pre-filling a form from URL parameters
  • Creating email links with expiration dates
  • Adding an expiration date to a Cloud Pages landing page
  • AMPscript debugging
  • Including the current date in a recipient’s timezone
  • Getting HTML content from the web for emails and landing pages
  • Retrieving information from a Data Extension
  • Sending abandoned cart emails
  • Using one email template to support multiple brands 

Download the cheatsheet today and take your marketing to the next level.


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