Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Audit

Organising Pardot for Better ROI

Ever felt frustrated at the clutter building up in your account, or felt like there could be a better way to organise your campaigns? Here’s your guide to getting organised.



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What's inside?

Tidying your Pardot account is step one in making your life easier, saving time and increasing return on marketing investment!

In this eBook, you’ll find a complete guide to organising your Pardot account like a pro - whether you're working with a new implementation or a mature account that’s in a bit of a mess.

An organised Pardot account means a more logical workflow, less preventable inaccuracies, proper storage of our assets, and less risks to the business. It’s also the best way to discover new features!

If you’re overwhelmed with where to start, this eBook is your new best friend.


  • Why keeping a tidy Pardot account matters
  • Where to begin
    • For new Pardot accounts
    • For mature accounts that need a refresh
  • Performing regular reviews and audits
    • Why perform an audit?
    • When, and how often?
    • What to check in an audit
  • FAQs
  • Real world example

Download the eBook and get your account in order.
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About MarCloud Consulting

MarCloud Consulting was set up to address the resource shortage and knowledge gap around Account Engagement (Pardot) marketing automation.

Our mission is to make entire industries more competitive through the effective use of Account Engagement, and in doing so we’ll be streamlining your marketing processes, optimising lead conversion and subsequently increasing ROI on your campaigns.

Let MarCloud be the co-pilot on your journey to Salesforce Account Engagement success.