B2B Marketer's Handbook

Account Engagement Email Marketing Best Practices

To make life just that little bit easier for marketers using Pardot, we’ve put together an entire ebook that outlines the process to follow for great Pardot email marketing.



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What's inside?

Written by our own in-house Pardot experts, it’s full of tips and tricks that will save you time and help get better results.

If you find the process of planning, creating, and sending emails in Pardot overwhelming or too time-consuming, this ebook is for you because understanding everything you need to know and do to ensure successful and effective email marketing activity is no easy feat.

It covers:

  • Transactional vs. marketing emails & GDPR
  • Single send vs. Engagement Studios
  • Where to begin
    • Have an email marketing strategy
      • Automate lead nurture
      • Segmentation
    • Understanding reputation and deliverability
  • Getting set up
    • Components of an email send
    • Original vs. drag and drop builder
    • Why have email templates?
    • An overview of HML
    • Email design best practices
    • Dynamic content and personalisation
    • Custom redirects
    • A/B testing
    • Why you need a preferences page
    • Email testing
    • MarCloud tips and tricks
  • Managing email
    • Bounces vs opting out
    • Opting prospects back in
    • Analysing and reporting

Download your free copy today and get better results from your Pardot email marketing.

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About MarCloud Consulting

MarCloud Consulting was set up to address the resource shortage and knowledge gap around Account Engagement (Pardot) marketing automation.

Our mission is to make entire industries more competitive through the effective use of Account Engagement, and in doing so we’ll be streamlining your marketing processes, optimising lead conversion and subsequently increasing ROI on your campaigns.

Let MarCloud be the co-pilot on your journey to Salesforce Account Engagement success.